Bebe Rexha takes aim at a male music executive who claimed that she is too old to be sexual.

On Instagram, the singer, who is 29 years old, posted a black-and-white image of herself in her bra and underwear. She posted this to respond to a male music industry executive who claimed she was too old to be sexy.

In addition, she included the following lengthy caption: “Recently, a MALE music executive told me that I was getting too old and that my brand was confusing.” Because, especially considering my age, female songwriters are not supposed to post sexy images on Instagram, and I’m a songwriter. I am 29. I’m sick and tired of being put in a box. Moreover, I set my own rules. I’m sick of women being called “hags” as they get older and men being called “sexy” as they get older.

She went on to say in her caption that she would still be writing songs when she was 30. She claimed that she would celebrate her age and that getting older made her wiser and stronger. Additionally, several heart emojis from Taylor Swift were used in her post comment. Taylor, who is also 29 years old, isn’t going anywhere. With their songs, these women want to rule the world.

Additionally, Rita Ora expressed her support by stating, “My sexy songwriting queen.” You are gorgeous, and your talent speaks for itself. As you get older, you become more sexy. Maintain those guidelines.

Bebe Rexha is not only an artistic and fearless woman, but she is also a proponent of body positivity. She once posted a naked bikini photo online. The singer asserted that society influences how women are perceived and causes women to doubt themselves. “If I want to be sexy, I am going to be sexy,” she declared. Rexha exemplifies self-worth and confidence. And it appears that she will not be stopped by any male music executive’s hatred. She received support from her co-musicians as well as her fans.

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