Chelly Flame continues to warm up with her most recent single, “Bandz.”

As the development to “Hot,” one of her best singles to date, Chelly brings the energy from the launch of the track. Chelly demonstrates an enamoring stream and noteworthy snare capacities, while trying different things with enormous synths and 808s on production helmed by GeoGotBands. Nonetheless, Chelly’s vocal conveyance and braggadocio energy are rarely a stretch, as she seems normal while effortlessly moving her direction through the beat.

Chelly advances a picture that reflects her capacity on the mic – she generally seems composed and magnetic. Furthermore, she can compete with any rapper in the present game: her pleasantry is downright superb and she bundles each bar with a confident conveyance.

“Bandz” comes closely following Chelly Flame’s SXSW debut at the current year’s true SXSW Takeover in Austin, TX. Chelly imparted the stage to a variety of inconceivable ability including Stove God Cooks, Young Roddy, Grip, redveil, Dubbo, Cap Gold and more

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