Meet naBBoo, the most well-known musician and artist.

Meet naBBoo the most popular artist | EDM artist naBBoo has a large body of work that he has done in collaboration with well-known artists |

. However, he is increasingly leading projects and making waves with new and exciting music that he has made himself. We absolutely adored the sneak peek he gave us of his new song “Middle Of The Night”!

We questioned naBBoo about his musical career and the process by which he created his upcoming single.

How did you come up with your unique artist name?

My team suggested keeping BB in capital letters for branding, so the artist name is a mix of letters from my first name, Boban, with an additional “o.” How did you first fall in love with electronic music and begin writing your own?

Since I was 6 years old, when I started playing the piano and violin, I’ve always been interested in music.

I fell in love with music production and composition when I was a teenager. I started working on projects with other artists, where I constantly improved my skills and improved my sound. My songs, which are more pop-sound-oriented, frequently incorporate organic sounds alongside electronic music.

How was it like working with artists like Jenifer and M. Pokora in France?

Because their language makes each song sound even more special, working in the French pop market is very special to me.

I contributed to Jenifer’s most recent album, which was certified Platinum in France, as well as two songs for Matt Pokora’s Deluxe album, one of which served as the soundtrack to the featured movie in which he also starred. It’s also important to mention the duet with Jen and Kylie Minogue, which Bob Sinclar produced.

Working with such talented artists is a great experience in general because everyone is focused and tries their best on every song.

Can you tell us a little bit about the artists you’ve worked with on your upcoming solo EDM album?

As an artist, I have previously released a number of songs with Misha Miller, Eneli, Miceal O’Kane, and other vocalists.

My brand-new song “Middle of the Night,” whose video will be released on April 24 and has already been licensed to labels in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Israel, will be released on Cat Music Romania.

In 2018, Miceal O’Kane and I co-wrote this song. His vocals go perfectly with the new “up to date” production, which includes analog sounds and a sparse chorus singing the “na-na-na” part. You gave us a sneak peek of your upcoming music video for “naBBoo – Middle of the Night,” which will be released on April 24. We anticipate that people will adore it! How did you turn your idea into a working product?

As previously stated, I started writing the song in 2018, but I was too busy working on other projects to finish it.

Arian Demolli, my manager, decided to finish the song and release it along with the music video. He had a strong belief in the song.

You are aware that as a producer and songwriter, you always have a number of songs written on your hard drive. Sometimes, when you listen to those songs later, you get a different idea than when you wrote them, so this song gave you that spark.

What are some things fans can anticipate from you in the future?

I have a few more tracks written, and the EP release will be the next step.

I cannot wait to share some fantastic features with outstanding artists.

naBBoo appreciates your time!

You can listen to naBBOo’s music on Spotify by clicking this link, or you can follow naBBoo on




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