Philip Bachstadt is a Philipp Bachstadt – Book a Moderator in Frankfurt and Munich and A Native English Presenter from Germany with a Mid-Atlantic accent

Television and the Internet have evolved to a different level in today’s world. Almost everyone has a Television in their house and watches Tv shows daily. An average person watches more than 5 hours of television shows daily, which approximately adds up to around 35 hours per week and nearly 2 months of watching Television each year. Surprising, isn’t it? The fact is that the TV moderators and presenters are the ones who make this possible.

In case you don’t know, Television moderators and presenters are the professionals who bring life to our Television screens. They play a vital role in connecting the viewers with the content, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. Whether conducting interviews, hosting a talk show, or guiding viewers through a live event, these professionals possess this unique blend of charisma, professionalism, humor, and Knowledge to captivate the audience worldwide.

Today, We will talk about One such individual who is making waves in the Television Industry, Philipp Bächstädt . Born in February 1982 in Tegernsee, a German Television presenter, producer, cricketer, cricket commentator, public speaker, coach, and leadership coach. Hailing from Germany, He is a Multi-Talented Personality with keen Knowledge of general topics. He is gifted with an ability to engage and attract people’s attention making him the best fit for Television Presenter.

He first completed an apprenticeship at the hotel management school in Lausanne and a business administration degree at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Talking about his journey and past, he overcame many struggles and Obstacles to reach this position and got more than he imagined. He began his journalistic work at the broadcaster n-tv and worked at the RTL regional Studio in Munich from 2007. between 2010 to 2012, he moderated the Program PS-Das Automagazin on n-tv. He has been presenting the news magazine Tv Bayern Live at RTL since 2011 and the daily news program IM Blick on Rheinmaintv since 2018.

Philipp was also managing director of an online shop from 2011 to 2015 and Director of Sales and Marketing at TVT creative media from 2016. Since 2017 he has been working as a freelance moderator and film producer. He has also presented the Red Carpet Show at the Laureus World Sports Awards. 

Philip Bachstadt is a bilingual English and German Moderator for your live event for trade fairs or galas on the web or Tv. He has worked with Mediengruppe since 2004 and works for well-known companies, hidden champions, and family businesses. His specialty is in Moderation on Topics related to digitization, industry, and lifestyle products. He is a reliable moderator that can be used worldwide.

As a Television moderator and gala events, He is a real all-rounder. With his charming manners and deep blue eyes, he leads through every event and ensures that the audience is enthusiastic and having fun in the event. He also Knows how to impress away from the big stages thanks to his public speaking skills. As an expert for web clips or trade fairs, he always presents himself professionally and confidently. His skills and career extend beyond the Tv business as he also proves his skills as an event manager or in other areas of the entertainment industry.

Philipp Bächstädt  is also one of the Leading CEO coaches for media and rhetoric. With his journalistic background and extensive experience at RTL, he guides top business executives in mastering the power of effective communication for media appearances. He is known for his ability to deliver explicit content, reliable storytelling, and confident presence. He has coached many high-profile individuals seen on major news networks like CNN, SKY New, and Bloomberg.

Philipp Bächstädt  convinces clients with the skills to excel in critical situations and successfully navigate media interactions. He helps executive refine their communication strategies and enable them to convey authentic messages, establish authority and leave a lasting impression on their target audience. He empowers leaders to navigate the evolving BAse of public perception and effectively communicate their ideas, contributing to their success in the business world.

Check out Philipp’s Website if you are looking for a Moderator for Your events or Shows. Then, with Philipp on board, every occasion will be a success. He is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after presenters in Germany.

Philipp also actively engages with his fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram from His Handle, Philip Presents and Facebook handle. He shares glimpses into his travels, events, Behind the scene of his work, and entertaining content to keep you entertained. From the beginning, he understood the power of social media and used it as a source to capture audiences. With his unique content and Post on Instagram with 14k followers, he aims to reach wider audiences worldwide.

Suppose you are looking for a Bilingual moderator for Trade Fairs, Events, and TV. In that case, Philipp Bächstädt  is the best fit for you as he is the guarantor for your highly rated broadcast, professional events, analog and digital, or your successful trade fair appearance. He will entertain the audience and move the speakers into the limelight. If you are searching for English speakers in Germany, Philipp Bächstädt  is your man for digital live events or conventions.

He has been presenting many international strategies since 2005. Whether in English or German, the media professional entertains his audience, whether in front of screens or with the audience on site. As a producer of Television shows, he impresses with an informative way of conveying complex issues more simply. You can watch the Tv Bayern Live show on RTL. Around 1.5 million people tune in weekly to get the latest information about Bavaria.

The man simply knows how to inspire people, whether as a presenter of TV programs or at live events. His charm and positivity are contagious and keep audiences coming as experienced professionals. Whether you are planning a fair trade event or would like to launch a product, he is your competent contact for a successful event with a lasting impression on your customers and business partners. Let him convince you and Contact him today for a non-binding offer.




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