Regarding His “Dual Roles” as an Actor and Businessman, Aaron Paul

The final season of Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff, will air on AMC and AMC+ very soon. Two big kahunas from the original drama series will reprise their roles when the series returns on April 18: Bryan Cranston portrays Walter White, and Aaron Paul portrays Jesse Pinkman, a former high school student and meth-making outlaw, respectively.

In recent years, Cranston and Paul’s chemistry on screen spilled over into real life when they co-founded Dos Hombres, a legitimate company that introduced a brand of mezcal, a spirit distilled from the agave plant that is similar to tequila. Constellation Brands Ventures bought a minority stake in the home-grown brand last year in an effort to capitalize on the beverage’s popularity and its 414,000 Instagram followers. The home-grown brand has become popular in its category over the past three years.

The two well-known Hollywood actors have committed themselves to the venture. Indeed, Paul will devote the remainder of this year to Dos Hombres, his wife Lauren, and their expanding family while taking a sabbatical from acting. This spring, the couple welcomed their second child.)

Paul, on the other hand, has some projects in the bank, so fans won’t be let down. He will not only be on Better Call Saul, but he will also be reprising his role as Caleb Nichols in the upcoming season of HBO’s popular sci-fi/western series Westworld. In addition, he appears in Dual, a sci-fi/black comedy directed by Texas-born Riley Stern and starring Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Dual, which debuted at Sundance earlier this year, is about a woman played by Gillan who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and agrees to have a clone made of her. Later, she finds out that she has fully recovered and must now fight her double in a duel to the death. She hires Paul, a trainer, to get ready for the deadly battle, which will be broadcast live on television and take place in an arena. Paul, playing the role of Trent, is an odd but affordable fighter trainer who teaches his “student” to fight by combining combat skills with dance moves.

Paul talked about a lot of things on the eve of Dual’s release in theaters by RLJE Films, including how far he would go to get a passport.

Dawson, Angela: Since he is the cheapest trainer Sarah can find, while I was watching you in Dual, I wrote down “low-rent Mr. Miyagi” from The Karate Kid about your character.

Aaron Paul: Rent low? Alright. He is unquestionably the least expensive, but not really the worst. He takes care of business.

Dawson: The writer and director, Riley Stearns, has a distinctive approach to filmmaking. Style-wise, Dual reminded me of his earlier work, The Art of Self-Defense. Have you met Riley prior to signing up for this?

Paul: I had known him for some time and loved his work so much that I couldn’t wait to talk to him about this script when it arrived on my desk. We talked when he stopped by my house. It was good to see him and talk to him about this project because I hadn’t seen him in a few years.

I immediately said “yes” when he made the offer. Because I adore him in real life, I knew he would create a beautiful setting on set, which he did. I was eager to see how he moves around on the set.

Dawson: Do you wish you could have a clone because this science fiction movie discusses cloning and some of the negative effects of having a double?

Paul: ( He chuckles.) It might get a little messy, I think. I just had my second child, my second, and I feel so blessed. However, you are immediately reminded that you never sleep. You truly don’t. Thus, it might be pleasing. However, I also cherish the many sleepless nights I shared with my daughter. I adore it The struggle of it all fascinates me. Therefore, I would reject a clone.

Dawson: This was shot in Finland. How was filming there like?

Paul: It was amazing. I took this flight for the first time since the pandemic. That was therefore odd. I had to fly to Hawaii to get a rush passport because that was the only place I could find an appointment in a hurry. Because I had lost my passport, getting there was difficult. Yes, COVID caused everything to be booked three weeks to a month in advance. You will notice in the credits that Chris Barcelona, the person who actually issued the rush passport, my wife and my dear friend Phil, who lives in Hawaii, receive a special thank you because it was just chaos.

But I finally made it to Finland. The day before I began shooting, I landed. The scenery was stunning, and the people there are amazing. Since the sauna originated there, I’m a huge fan. In this way, when I looked into the lodging, a great deal of the rooms have their own sauna. It’s just completely normal. It is not limited to the posh hotels; It’s just a trivial convenience.

Dawson: Naturally, you and Bryan Cranston will reprise your roles on Better Call Saul as the Breaking Bad characters, so what can you say about your return?

Paul: The only option is to wait and see. He chuckles.) I will say that viewers of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad will be delighted by what they see. When I got the phone call, I was extremely excited. Sincerely, I had no idea it was going to happen; I had high hopes that it would take place. I was aware that this call with Vince (Gilligan) and Peter (Gould) was taking place because I am gradually seeing all of my other Breaking Bad family members appear in Better Call Saul. I couldn’t contain my joy. I think the fans will be pleased.

Dawson: You and Bryan are also partners in business.

Paul: Yes, it is a Dos Hombres mezcal. It’s superb. With it, Bryan and I are having so much fun. It’s important to know that Bryan and I paid for everything on our own from the beginning. We were the only people there, and as our business grew, we needed more money. After doubling down on our own investment, we asked some of our friends and family to join us, and they all agreed. Therefore, it has been a thrilling journey for each of us. We couldn’t be happier with the things we’ve built thus far.

The only reason it exists is Bryan and I’s genuine love for one another and our mutual enthusiasm for working together. We were looking for a reason to talk every day, and we do. As a result, both the current state of the business and the path ahead excite us greatly.

Dawson: What’s going on in Westworld?

Paul: We finished Season 4 at the end of 2021; consequently, it will be released sometime this year, and I am extremely excited for people to see it.

To spend time with my family, I’m taking a year off. This is what I did with my first child—I took seven months off straight to spend time with my family, and I’m doing the same with my second. This year, I’m focusing on my family and growing Dos Hombres, a full-time job. I and Bryan travel extensively; contacting various accounts throughout the year. I will return and begin filming the subsequent season of Westworld sometime in the coming year.

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