The Spectacular Story of DaniloPozone: Navigating from Part-Time Bartending and Becoming a Head Bartender and Bar Entrepreneur in UAE

In Today’s World of Work, Stress and Pressure Bars are the perfect places to enjoy your drink and get relief from your workload and Daily life. Bars are social places and have been a place for entertainment and leisure for centuries. These Venues Provide a space for individuals to gather, relax and enjoy various alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. They are of various styles and themes, catering to different preferences and creating a unique atmosphere.

One of the Primary functions of a Public Bar is to offer a variety of drinks, from classic cocktails and spirits to beers, wines, and nonalcoholic options. Bars also serve as a hub for social interaction, and today’s generation finds it the only place to come and chill. They provide a lively and friendly environment where friends, colleagues, and even strangers can come together and have a shot.

Nowadays, Bar’s business is on Another Level. Due to the Internet and Social media platforms, this type of business is getting worldwide recognition, and people from various places come to visit just because they saw it on the Internet and found it interesting. Similar goes with Bars; entrepreneurs earn a Lump Sum of money from Bar Businesses.

One such individual is DaniloPozone, an Italian living in the UAE. He is a Professional Bar Entrepreneur, a Public Figure Known globally for his skills.

With an Instagram account with more than 10.7k followers, he shares glimpses of his lifestyle, travels, and cocktail creations. Presently he holds the position of Advocacy Manager at GlobalBartending and serves as a Brand Ambassador for London Essence Co. Furthermore, he is an avid wildlife and safari lover.

DaniloPozone’s journey into the world of bars began in 2004, influenced by his American Grandfather, who owned bars in New York and Naples. He developed a passion for bars. He took his first step in this field by starting as a glass cleaner in a 5-star hotel bar. He pursued his further education by attending an AIBES course after school. He walked on a 3 years adventure in Venezuela, where he worked at the prestigious 5-star Villa Caribe resort. He also managed one of Europe’s largest clubs, the TeatroKapital. Later in 2013, he relocated to Cambridge.

He set his sight on the town’s most happening spot, the Hidden rooms. Initially starting as a part-time bartender, his skills, talent, and dedication quickly uplifted him to the position of head bartender. He successfully managed a team of 12 individuals and curated an exceptional menu of classic cocktails earning recognition from the world’s 50 Best Bars in 2015. He started working with the three-starred chef Alan Dann and the Italian British icon Leonardo Clementi and contributed his expertise to Tamburlaine Hotel. After 12 years abroad, he holds the bar manager position at the illustrious Capri Tiberio Palace.

Throughout his career, He faced many Obstacles and Suffering. Still, his never-ending passion and determination for the work helped him overcome them. He has enhanced his skills, represented his creativity, and continuously pursued excellence in the world of Bar and hospitality. He confidently leads the bar team at Capri Tiberio Palace, creates an unforgettable experience for guests, and leaves a lasting impact on the industry.

In addition to his impressive career in bartending, he is also an avid traveler, having explored numerous countries around the world. He has visited destinations such as Spain, Thailand, Dubai, United States, among others. Through his Travels, he has not only indulged his passion for experiencing different cultures but also has enhanced his expertise as an expert bartender. He has gathered a wealth of knowledge and skills to enhance his art.

The combination of travel and bartending expertise allows him to infuse his creations with unique flavors and influences and create truly excellent and globally inspired cocktails. His love for traveling fuels his creativity and passion, enabling him to bring a world of flavors and experience to the bars he manages.




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