Turning Dreams into Reality – Meet renowned architect Sarvenaz Sharifi!

A beautiful home – something that is included in almost every bucket list of things one would want for living their version of a perfect life. While everyone would love for their home to be seen as a personal statement that defines themselves, there are those who reach beyond that and turn their homes, offices, and other spaces into sanctuaries of design and excellence.

And what makes homes better than the architects who leave a remarkable effect every time they work? Maybe it’s the walls, the carpets, or perhaps just a fresh touch of intricately shaped paints but these professionals have an eye for turning every personal castle into a model home to the envy of neighbours and such.

Thanks to social media, there is truly no shortage of home décor and architectural design inspiration. You can turn to the personal profiles of architectural designers, the pages of your favorite brands, and to the accounts of architectural magazines to allow beautiful images of home designs to pop up in your feed, just like that. Let us know about a professional in this field – Sarvenaz Sharifi.

Entrepreneur Sarvenaz Sharifi is a famous Iranian architect who has been making headlines for her creative eye and attention to detail. From houses to factories, apartments to hotels, most of her designs have grown to have a cult following. The houses and corporate offices that she has designed can be said to have defined the modern cityscape.

She is the CEO of Sazeh Paydar Engineering Ltd, a company that deals in investment, design and construction. Also, she is the Executive Manager at Iran Platinum Manufacturing and Industrial Company that produces more than a thousand types of industrial platinum, types of electrical switches, micro switches, limit switches and industrial contacts.

Entrepreneur Sarvenaz Sharifi is vastly experienced at working across sectors – Residential, Hospitality and Commercial, and across disciplines – Architecture, Interior Design and FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment). He also offers a multifaceted, entirely bespoke design service, focused around achieving the best possible end result.

Sarvenaz Sharifi’s philosophy is to never to be mundane. Applying the best artistry and knowledge to all of her projects, she produces innovative solutions for her clients in a way they want to represent themselves to the world.

Through disciplines of architecture, commercial design, renovation, project management, furniture and product design, her extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to quality remains unsurpassed in the region. She takes pride in making each one of his projects truly unique and memorable.

Although Sarvenaz Sharifi’s point of view is an asset, she is very adaptable. She focusses on both the little details and the big picture simultaneously to craft cohesive spaces. Her every piece of work can’t be helped but photographed! Her crafty designs and use of colors are extremely aesthetic and lively, making every shot look like something out of a magazine.

While you’re likely no stranger to the lifestyle and fashion influencers of Instagram, you may not be so familiar with the architectural design-focused Instagrammers and bloggers that are known as home influencers. Sarvenaz Sharifi is a social-media-savvy design influencer who offers her followers a peek into her life and most importantly her home.

She provides plenty of hot tips and ideas for making affordable décor look far more expensive (one of the many reasons I welcome him into my own feed). A visit to Sarvenaz Sharifi’s Instagram handle and website will greet you with everything from home décor ideas to travel inspiration and pretty much anything in between.

Sarvenaz Sharifi architectural design style is bright and lively with a contemporary feel. She isn’t afraid to use out of the blue designs but knows how to do so with a purpose. No wonder she has amassed 144K followers on Instagram in a short span of time!

However, being an architect and an entrepreneur is different than what people understand of the career itself. Entrepreneur Sarvenaz Sharifi is someone who sells an art, a construct and a lifestyle. Back in the day when architectural designs were nascent, the professionals were advertising their skills through editorials but times have changed.

So, how did Sarvenaz Sharifi gain so much popularity and how is her work getting noticed? Her Instagram and Facebook accounts stimulate a new sense of connection between her profession and homeowners, making the entire process more mainstream. Social media has been a creative outlet and a vital way for him to find and attract new clients.

As a sought after interior designer, Sarvenaz Sharifi has upgraded herself to becoming an influencer and a content creator too. She shares her work through photos and videos, shares tips on interior designing, addresses her audiences’ queries through live sessions and so on; thus keeping her followers engaged with enticing content. From the brands to his audience, influencers like Sarvenaz Sharifi serve as a connecting thread between the two sides.   




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