Who is Idriss Rodriguez, and why does his song “Call Me Idriss” get so much attention?

Idriss Rodriguez began his musical career at the age of 21 and was born in France, where he found his musical inspiration. He comes to the conclusion that the music is just a tad too melancholy for his tastes after touring several nations. As a result, he made the decision to release music in an entirely new and energetic style. He quickly made up for the time he had lost, even though he started much later than his colleagues. He built a small but dedicated audience that regularly follows him on social media in less than three years. It is important to note that Idriss Rodriguez is very comfortable speaking into a microphone, that he does not make any adjustments to his art, and that he cuts every measure that is given to him.
His straightforward imagery was influenced by the Miami rappers, whom he regularly visits for inspiration. This year, the two songs “Call me idriss” and “Iam idriss” brought the public and the new artist with the vivacious style together.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/idrisscoff/




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